My name is Savithry Namboodiripad (/saːvit̪riː n̪ampuːt̪iɾipːaːɖə/; you can call me Savi), and I'm Collegiate Postdoctoral Fellow in Linguistics at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

I study how language contact contributes to language evolution, variation, and change.

I also work on language development and emergence -- check out my research page for a sample of my past and current projects.

Starting in Fall of 2019, I will be an Assistant Professor in the Linguistics Department here at Michigan, and I am currently setting up the Contact, Cognition, and Change Lab at UMich (site coming soon!).

If you are or have ever been a language researcher, please take this (~20 min) survey (in collaboration with Dr. Lynn Y-S Hou, Prof. Anne Charity Hudley, and Dr. Corrine Occhino)!

Contact me at savithry [at] umich [dot] edu